Check out our 10 easy steps and be on your way.

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10 Easy Steps To Making A Website
Now that you've decided to put up a website, what do you do next? If you're looking to create a simple website, its easier than you think to do it on your own. How? Check out our 10 easy steps and be on your way!
The Concept
Having a clear idea of what you want to do is the first step. Who are your visitors? Will you be selling goods, supplying information or perhaps blogging?
The Design
With your concept in mind, work out the design you have in mind. Look around at designs on the web that take your fancy and go from there. Think about the colors, the ease of navigation and the user-friendliness of a site as well as qualities that you think would make an impression on your visitors.
The Content
As they say, a website is only as good as its content, so get your act together on this one.
Educate Yourself: Learn Some HTML and Familiarize Yourself with the Tools of the Trade
No matter what anybody may tell you, the truth is that one simply cannot create a decent website without at least SOME basic knowledge of HTML. Although one can use one of the many WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors out there, knowledge of HTML can prove to be a huge help further down the road. While you?re at it, get to know the other tools of the trade such as the various technologies, editing software, applications and so on- all of which are easily researchable online. Going through some of the many tutorials online is also a good idea.
Register Your Domain
This is a fun bit, cheap and easily done on your own through one of the many domain registration companies like 000domains or Registerfly. Web hosting companies also offer this service, so you can also incorporate it with the hosting package if you prefer.
Find A Web Host
You can find a host for any budget these days, from the virtually free (well, you'll most likely have to host their ads and banners) to the top of the line in terms of price, service and quality. Check out reviews online for ideas on the best companies and deals that suit your needs.
Start Writing and Designing
With your content in hand, design the site using a template, a software editing program or HTML. This is obviously the tricky bit and more often than not requires a lot of time and patience to get it right.
Edit, Rewrite and Edit again
Once you've seen the first draft of your work, be ready to edit the many mistakes there are bound to be. Think about what you would look for in a site, like its user-friendliness, loading speed, attractiveness, etc. etc, and edit until you get it right. Get some friends, colleagues or family to give their unbiased critique.
Finishing Touches
Once you're happy with your site, think about adding some finishing touches to give it an edge. More graphics or photos perhaps? Some animation? Or maybe you should cut out some things for quicker loading? Also look into other aspects like Adsense, affiliate programs, META Tags and other ways to get your site noticed and in the search engines.
Maintenance and Updating
Now that you're done and your site is happily housed with your web host, remember to maintain and update your site regularly. Keep people interested and keep the site growing. Good Luck!

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